It's been a few months since I've pushed an update to the RiveScript PHP package. In this post I'll be briefly going over the restructured interpreter I've been working on.

In this tutorial, we'll be looking at how we can utilize Tiled Map Editor to create a simple map and render it on screen using a community plugin called Simple Tiled Implementation in Love2D.

One of the issues we've ran into over at efelle in the development of FusionCMS is having to run maintenance or "upkeep" tasks. We've been utilizing migrations for these items - but doing so feels like a misuse of what migrations are originally intended for.

Laravel Mix has brought the world of webpack to many developers in the form of a tightly coupled and easy to use API. Let's see how we can get this up and running for our stand-alone projects that don't utilize Laravel.

In most cases, performing the persistence logic within the Controller is simple. In the cases where I need to perform additional tasks, muddying up the Controller with this logic can get a little messy. I want to clean this up, but how?

Orthogonality, how many of you have heard this term? Unless you've read works like The Pragmatic Programmer, you'd more than likely come across this terminology in a mathematics class.

Sublime Text is an incredibly flexible and powerful text editor used by many developers today. I'm going to be looking at "beautifying" Sublime here, as it only makes sense that we'd like it if the tool we had to stare at for 8+ hours a day looked good.

Have you ever gotten so excited about something, that you absolutely had to work on it and convert your ideas into reality?

Recently I attended this months Seattle PHP meetup, where we were instructed to all bring our laptops as the night would be spent tackling some coding challenges they had prepared.